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Our designs are inspired by 19th and early 20th century textiles found at brocantes: those markets and shops in France and England that sell antiques and collectibles. There are many different ways to re-interpret designs of the past so that their integrity is respected while also responding to the contemporary mood. We have focused on the aspect of each design that first charmed us, then we set out to capture that spirit in a direct and simple way. Each design still retains its correct scale and accuracy of line. We are passionate about cloth and the designs are printed on 100 per cent natural or white linen, sourced in the prime growing areas of Belgium and France, and woven in Scotland. The cloth is then tumbled to give it a superlative handle. It is suitable for curtains, blinds, tablecloths, bedcovers, cushions, loose covers and upholstery.

The colour of natural linen can vary a little from one harvest to the next, as can each printing, so please request a stock cutting before placing an order.

Interior Design

If you need help in integrating our fabrics into your room scheme we will be delighted to suggest complementary paint colours and flooring

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